The Light-hearted Dance Weekends
The Abbey Hotel, Great Malvern - October 12th to 14th, 2012

Leaders John & Hilary Turner.
Guest Caller - Frances Richardson, Musicians - Eddy Jay & Fiona Barrow (The Bristol Players)

The event was fully booked with a total of 71 dancers plus 5 staff in attendance.

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A weekend of English Country Dance to suit all tastes (#28 in the series). The series is organised and led by John & Hilary Turner. John & Hilary Turner

On this occasion the calling was shared between John and our 'Guest' Caller Frances Richardson with music provided by Eddy Jay & Fiona Barrow 'The Bristol Players'.

The weekend commenced with dinner on the evening of Friday 12th October, 2012 and concluded with a farewell dance on the afternoon of Sunday 14th October. There was a mixture of dances & workshops, and some free time to explore Great Malvern & the beautiful environs.

GUEST CALLER - Frances Richardson
Frances started dancing when she was 17 and has called at many festivals, including Broadstairs, Chippenham, Lichfield, Sidmouth and Southam, plus weekends, days of dance, and Saturday dances across the country.

She enjoys a variety of styles and you can expect a thoroughly good mixture. Whilst Playford was her first and enduring love, she also does American and Scottish above all Frances believes that dancing should be enjoyable, and embraces the light-hearted approach.

GUEST MUSICIANS - Eddy Jay & Fiona Barrow aka 'The Bristol Players'
Eddy (accordion) and Fiona (violin), The Bristol Players, have been working together for 8 years. They have wide experience of playing for social dancing at all levels and have performed around the country including at Sidmouth, Chippenham, Southam and Broadstairs festivals. They have also toured California and been guests at the Monte Toyon festival. They have travelled internationally in the theatre, and more recently their highly acclaimed show 'Piaf - The Songs' is appearing around the country and in the States. These versatile players provide their own unique blend - fluid, energetic and sparkling, that makes them a joy to dance to.


A 3 star establishment in Great Malvern, Worcs... Try their Website: The Abbey Hotel

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