Shuttlecock 32b American/Irish/Scot Reels
Lw Duple Beckett Double Progression J Turner

NB Your shadow is on the Gents L & the Ladies R in your own line or, if you're at the ends of the set, across the set.

A1. Long lines fwd & back,
In 4s star R.

A2. On L diagonal Ladies chain,
On the same diagonal hey way (Ladies pass R Sh to start the hey).
End the hey facing across to Shadow with Ladies on Gents R.

B1. Ladies straight across (slightly diagonally R) cross over giving R
& Shadow gipsy L into, Ptnr gipsy R sh & -

B2. Swing Ptnr (meltdown),
In 4s circle L way & all slide L (incl Neutrals) to face a new couple.
NB The swing must end by the end of bar 5 to allow sufficient time for the circle L & slide L.

Neutrals, created by the gipsy R in B1, swing Ptnr at the end of the set,
wait for Active dancers to complete their circle L way in B2,
then slide L {lady on Gents R} around the end of the set to face across to the new Nbrs.

For a diagrammatic notation of the dance click here

JT 1997. Revised May 99 & April 02.

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