Square Thro' Contra 32b American/Irish/Scot Reels
Lw Duple Improper John Turner

A1. Facing Nbr square thro' 3 hands,
1s only Swing Ptnr. End all facing down the hall in Line of 4 with 1s in the middle.

A2. Lines of 4 lead down & turn alone,
lead back & 2s gate the 1s round into 2nd place for -
At this instant have the 1s turn around to face out in same sex lines
This is where they will be after passing L Sh in B2.

B1. 1s contra corners: R to Ptnr, L to 1st Cnrs, etc. [14].
1s meet in centre of set & pass L Sh
to same sex waves along the lines
(1s facing out // 2s face in, 1s below their 2s) [2].

B2. Balance the wave & again [8],
2s fig 8 down 1/2 way & face up // 1s cast up & lead down centre to face new Nbr [8].

JT Aug 2005. Written for Whitby Festival, August 2005.
B2. Revised Apr '07, Apr '08 & Autumn '09.
Try the diagram version of the notation

Beware The dance is quite different for the 1s & 2s. Some assistance during the changeover at the ends (particularly by the 2s at the top of the set) will be beneficial.

B1 Contra Corners: 1s facing Ptnr across set identify their 1st Cnr (to their diagonal R across the set) & their 2nd Cnr (to their diagonal L across the set). The sequence: 1s R Hd turn Partner just over 1/2 way to face 1st Cnr for L Hd turn, 1s meet Ptnr again for R Hd turn to face 2nd Cnr for L Hd turn, 1s pass Ptnr L Sh in middle of the set to waves on the Sides. Timing the arrival in the same sex lines can be a challenge.

B2 The fig 8 1/2 way (2s) & the cast & lead (1s) should commence on beat 9.