Stonesfield 32b American/Irish/Scot Reels
Lw Duple Improper J Turner

A1. Nbr do-si-do 1 to ocean wave across the set (men on the outside),
Balance the wave R & L, & Rory-O-More twirl to R.

A2. Balance the wave L & R, & Rory-O-More twirl to L.
Nbr Al R almost twice around, & Ladies cross R Sh to face Ptnr for -

B1. Ptnr gipsy meltdown
or Bal & Swing

B2. Circle L,
Men roll Ptnr away with 1/2 sashay & circle R 3 places turning to face new Nbrs.

JT May 2003, revised July '04. Written for the Stonesfield Dance Weekend June 2003.