The Light-hearted Dance Weekends
Langstone Cliff Hotel - October 12th to 14th, 2018

Leaders - John & Hilary Turner.
Guest Caller - Ted Morse, Musicians - Pendtagon

Dances Presented

Dance Name FormatAuthor / Source
Angelique 3CuLw Bill Kinsman
Artistic Peacock (The) Circle Ted Morse
Bonny Breast Knot (Devon) 3CuLw Trad
Bulli for You LwDuIm Ted Morse
Carmen's Scarf LwDuIm Paul Balliet
Celtic Connections 3CuLw Ted Morse
Clockwork Sq (6) Kathy Andersen
Constellation LwDuPr David Roberts
Cut away Six Sq Running Set Fig
Dick's Alternate Maggot LwDuPr Playford 1702-28 (Gary Roodman int)
Eddowes Quadrille Sq D & K Wright
Ein, Zwei, Drei Circle Not Known
Fabulous Fabia LwDuPr David Tullis
Fandango (The) 3CuLw Thompson 1774
Fanny Power 4CuLw Ken Sheffield
Follow the Leader Sq Ted Sannella
Forty 2nd Street Sq Dee Chapman
French Connection (The) Sic(2) Ted Morse
Fret & Rejoice LwDuIm Gary Roodman
Goat Fell Gallop (The) 4CuLw R Goldring
Grand Galaxy Break Sq Break Not Known
Grand Spin Break Sq Break Not Known
Halsway Sicilian Sic (2) Pat Shaw
Horseplay LwDuIm Gary Roodman
Hot Time Lite Sq Not Known
Jamaica LwDuPr Playford 1670
James Gray 4CuLw Ronella Burrows
Juniata LwDuPr Sharon Green
Kangaroo Tie (The) 4CuLw Ted Morse
King's Rook (The) LwDuIm2 Ted Morse
Long John's Waltz or Marriage Lines LwDuPr? John Ghadfield
Love's Triumph 3CuLw Dancing Master c1710
Mr Chopin's Waltz Sic (2) Gary Roodman
Never at Sea 6CuLw John C Haddow
Northern Lights Sq Floyd Parker
Olympic Dream LwDuBec Tom Hinds
Rakes of Mallow Sic (3) Trad
Scott Meikle 4CuLw Alice McLean
Something Elsche Sq (6) Aegle Hoekstra
Spin the Ocean LwDuIm Ted Morse
Sylvia's Saunter Circle M Barraclough
Tango in Toronto LwDuPr Colin Hume
Flowers that Bloom in the Spring (The) Sq David Jewell
Waltzing Girl 4CuCirc Ted Morse
Waterfall Waltz Sic (2) Pat Shaw
Which Way Sic (2) Roger Whynot
Whirl-a-Jig LwDuPr Loretta Holz
Winter Solstice 5CuSq Wendy Crouch
Wrong Partner (The) 3CuLw Ted Morse
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