The Light-hearted Dance Weekends
Hotel Piccadilly, Bournemouth - January 16th to 18th, 2009

Leaders - John & Hilary Turner.
Guest Caller - Lynne Render, Musicians - Eddy Jay & Fiona Barrow

Dances Presented

Dance nameAuthor / Source
De'il Take the Wars c1730
Dust to dust Al Olson
Orchid Kathy Anderson?
Three Around 3 Trad
Whirligig (The) Playford 1650
Dizzy Dozen Audrey Laver
Charlene's Celebration Gary Roodman
Moor Hall D & K Wright
St Peterport Waltz Mark Elvins
Are you sure? Ian Whitehead
Big School Circle D & K Wright
Amy's Harmonium Cary Ravitz
Arden Folk Contra John Chapman
Bring a Chair Hilary Herbert
K & E Pat Shaw
Split Tree Flutterwheel Seth Tepfer? +
Bumble Puppy John Meechan
Chickadee Split Joseph Pimental
Close Friends Mike Richardson
Fan in the doorway Gene Hubert
Fantasy Contra Devon Nordberg
Horseplay Gary Roodman
Joyride Eric Weberg
Mary Kay Gary Roodman
Ramblin' Rosie Gary Roodman
Ricochet Lisa Greenleaf?
Smooth Sailing Becky Hill
Weave the Line Kathy Anderson
Woven Waves Cary Ravitz
Bishop of Bangor's Jigg Walsh 1718
Candles in the Dark Loretta Holz
Good Man of Cambridge Gary Roodman
Hudson Barn J Schwabb & C Hammond
Jack's Maggot Playford 1702
Round about our Coal Fire Richard Bride c1766
Squaring the Circle Loretta Holz
Whately Barn Gary Roodman
Alpine Contra H Garfish?
Fan Joseph Pimental
Hideaway Gary Roodman
Emma Turns Three Gary Roodman
Walpole Cottage Pat Shaw
Apple Pie Quadrille Unknown
Fain I Would (if I could) or Parthenia Playford 1651
Long Journey Home (The) Margot Gunsenhauser
Newcastle Playford 1651
Passing Through Colin Hume
Playing the Field Gary Roodman
Sweepstake Square Ian Whithead
Syncromesh Square Tony Parkes
Wrong Star (The) Colin Hume

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