The Light-Hearted Dance Weekends
Hotel Piccadilly, Bournemouth. 25th - 27th Jan 2013

Leaders - John & Hilary Turner.
Guest Caller - Carol Hewson, Musicians - Deo Volente (Dave & Victoria Yeomans).
From our questionnaire: some of the questions & just a few of our customer's responses.
We had 34 (64%) questionnaires returned out of a possible 53.

Question - Would you recommend our weekends to your friends?
All except one said 'Yes'
The other said 'No, In case they fill up the space & we can't get in!!!' Several other customers reiterated the sentiment

Question - Please comment on the dance programme.
'You pitched it just right, with a nice variety & complexity of dances' - Joyce Tullis, Winterslow, Wilts.
'Very good - Full weekend, but you were not pressured to attend everything - although we did. ' - Tony & Margaret Collins, Loughborogh, Leics.

Question - Please comment on the Leaders.
'Excellent' - The response of almost all our customers.

Question - Is the Weekend good value for money?
Overwhelmingly the answer was 'Yes'.
'Cannot really fault anything, very impressed.'. - Liz & Joy Smith, East Sussex

Question - What can we do to improve our performance?
'I do not think you can improve , it is so good.' - Tricia Hamilton, Kent
'Can only suggest larger venue to fit in all who want to come.' - Geoff & Prue Bradley, Stafford.
' ? ' - John Green, Northampton.

Other comments from Guests:
'Just thanks for everything.' - Bob & Liz Ellis, Wellington, Somerset.