Halsway Folk Dance Holidays

'Halsway Manor Society' is a charitable trust based at their idyllic residential centre in the Quantock Hills in Somerset. The Society's aims are to promote primarily English Folk Music, Song & Dance, etc. A very wide variety of Holidays & Courses are available. Click the logo to view the Manor. Halsway Manor

The dancing holidays include workshops, evening dances & some free time to explore the local countryside. More detailed information on these holidays can be found on the Halsway Website. For more information email the office , phone 01984 618274 or write to:
Halsway Manor, Crowcombe, Taunton, Somerset. TA4 4BD.

John & Hilary first led folk dance holidays at Halsway in 1985.
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In 2017 John & Hilary will be leading:
A 'Roodman Celebration' weekend, June 2017, with Pete & Sue Hall.
This will be a challenging weekend (#6 in the series) focusing solely on the dances of American Choreographer Gary Roodman.

To book for the above holidays contact the Halsway Office (see above).

Previous Halsway Holidays

In previous years John and Hilary have led the following dance holidays at Halsway:
A 'Roodman Celebration' weekend, June 2015, with Pete & Sue Hall.
A 'Roodman Celebration' weekend, June 2014, with Pete & Sue Hall.
A 'Roodman Celebration' weekend, July 2013. with Pete & Sue Hall.
A 'Roodman Celebration' weekend, July 2012. with Paul Hutchinson.
'A Roodman Celebration' Weekend, Jun 2011. with Paul Hutchinson.
'An Autumn Treat, Oct 2010. with John & Andrea Dudley.
'Spring Contra Weekend', April 2009. with The English Contra Dance Band.
'Spring Contra Weekend', April 2007. with The English Contra Dance Band.
'The Light-hearted Dance weekend', March 1999. with John & Carol Wippell.
plus weekends in the 1980's.
John also led the Playford Dancing for the following events:
'Scottish & Playford' Weekend, Sept 2014, with Wendy Mumford, Maggie Morgan & Steve Hunt.
'Scottish & Playford' weekend, Sept 2013. with Wendy Mumford & Steve Hunt.
'Scottish & Playford' Weekend, Sept 2012, with Wendy Mumford, Maggie Morgan & Ken Martlew.

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