The Light-hearted Dance Weekends
The Langstone Cliff Hotel, Dawlish Warren, Devon - January 23rd to 25th, 2015

Leaders - John & Hilary Turner.
Guest Caller - Carol Hewson, Musicians - Pendragon

Dances Presented

Dance nameAuthor / Source
Mayfair Colin Hume
Pretty Miss Larn c1718
Dunant House Waltz Colin Hume
Good Man of Antwerp Gary Roodman
Enrichez-Vous Antony Heywood
Bottoms Up No.2 Fried de Metz Hermann
Southern Gentleman Loretta Holtz
Mevagissey Carpark Gary Roodman
Square Line Special Gary Roodman
Jack's Confusion Jack Keen
Goodman Gigue Gary Roodman
Dovetail Gary Roodman
Jane Philippe Callens
Osgood Mackenzie of Inverewe Michael Block
Chuck the Budgie Rick Mohr
Cinnamon Tree Don Flaherty
Women in the Middle David Kirchner
Flirtation Reel Tony Parkes
Bye, Bye, Baltimore Bob Dalsemer
Thank You for the Music Philippe Callens
Mary K Gary Roodman
Rose of Sharon (The) Fried de Metz
Going Dutch David Smuckler
Anton's Surprise Pat Shaw
Elverton Grove Walsh c1712
Holborn March Wright's Compleat Col 1740
Hole in the Wall Playford 1698
Mount Hills Playford 1721
Take a Dance Thompson c17??
Poor Robin's Maggot And Shaw Int
Rebecka Ridinghoode c1714
Henry's Other Hornpipe Gary Roodman
Miss De Jersey's Memorial Pat Shaw
Juniata Sharon Green
Mr Stapledon's New Hornpipe Philippe Callens
Reel in C# Tony Parkes 1976
Key to the Cellar Jenny Beer
Heat Wave Mark Elvins
Danish Double Quadrille Comm Dance Manual #4
Hot Time Not known
Baltimore Breakdown Bob Dalsemer
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