The Light-hearted Dance Weekends
The Abbey Hotel, Great Malvern - October 21st to 23rd, 2011

Leaders - John & Hilary Turner.
Guest Caller - Philippe Callens, Musicians - Focus Pocus (Dan & Caroline Hollingshurst)

Dances Presented

Dance nameAuthor / Source
Nosegay John Griffith? c1788
Marching to Praetorius Gary Roodman
In Cahoots Rick Mohr
Steamboat Trad
Grand Mother Circle Gary Roodman
Golden Chain Nic Hawes
Haphazard Playford c1686
London Gentlewoman (The) Playford 1651
St. Margaret's Hill Playford 1710
Dick's Alternate Maggot Gary Roodman
Our Cheers Gary Roodman
Passport in Hand Not Known
Sting in the Tail Colin Hume
Whiskey Before Dinner Gary Roodman
Spring Allegro Gary Roodman
Round Pond Pat Shaw
Dear Papa, Dear Mama Pat Shaw
Young Widow John Griffiths 1788
Mary K Gary Roodman
Sea View Kathy Anderson?>
Hole in the Wall Playford 1698
Handel with Care Gary Roodman
Rick's Triplet #2 Rick Mohr
Installation (The) Thompson 1772
Gold for the Mahieus Philippe Callens
Mockbeggar Rosemary Hunt
Lull Me Beyond Thee Playford 1651
Levi Jackson Rag Pat Shaw
Hop Ground (The) Preston c1794
Betsy's Dance Tony Parkes
Micro Medley (The) Tony Parkes
Duke of Kent's Waltz Cahusac Annual Coll 1801
Queens Jig Playford 1701
Braye's Maggot Thomas Bray c1699
Epsom New Wells Playford 1708
Honeysuckle Cottage Gary Roodman
Impertinence Fried de Metz
Chocolate Round-O (The) Fried de Metz
Edinburgh Castle Unknown
Pass Thro & Do-si-do Ted Sannella
Mr Legge's Initiation Unknown
You might get there from here Tom Hinds
Another Silly Contra Tom Hinds
Around the Corner Unknown
King of the Keyboard Ted Sannella
Philippe's Right & Left Philippe Callens
Casterton Capers Philippe Callens
Des Remembered Naomi Alexander
Mr Stapledon's New Hornpipe Philippe Callens
Sisterhood is Powerful Unknown
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