The Light-hearted Dance Weekends
Hotel Piccadilly, Bournemouth - January 14th to 16th, 2008

Leaders John & Hilary Turner.
Guest Caller - Carol Hewson, Musicians - John Dudley & Frank Bradley

Dances Presented

Dance nameAuthor / Source
Kelsterne Gardens Young c1727
Softly Good Tummas Kynaston 1718
Westward Bound Philippe Callens
Band of Friends Gary Roodman
3 Pound Note Bob Lilley
Alice Philippe Callens
Bamber Bridge Tom Cook
Captain Corbet's Maggot Dancing Master c1718
Charlene's Celebration Gary Roodman
Contra-cordions Scott Higgs
Double Delight Jim Kitch
Dutch Crossing Ernst van Brakel
Felicity Colin Hume
Fiddleheads Ted Sannella 1983
Gang of four Gene Hubert
Homage to Herbie Charles Bolton
Innocent Merriment Fried de Metz
Interface Jig Tony Parkes 1976
Lady William's Delight Rich Galloway
Mary K Gary Roodman
Moonfleet Colin Hume
Nottingham Swing Trad
Pleasures of the Town c1777
Portsmouth Playford 1670
Princeton Petronellas Bob Isaacs
Sally from Poland Pat Shaw
Salute to Stan Fowler Tom Hinds
Shooting Stars Tom Hinds
Shrewsbury Lasses Thompson 1765
Stonesfield John Turner
Sun Assembly Thompson 1757
Syncromesh Square Tony Parkes
Trinity Hill Circle D & K Wright
Up the Sides and down the Middle Trad Symondsbury
Vivaldi in Paradise Gary Roodman
Young Widow John Griffiths 1788

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