The Light-Hearted Dance Weekends
Hotel Piccadilly, Bournemouth. 16th - 18th Jan 2009

Leaders - John & Hilary Turner.
Guest Caller - Lynne Render, Musicians - Eddy Jay & Fiona Barrow (The Bristol Players).
From our questionnaire: some of the questions & just a few of our customer's responses.
We had 33 (66%) questionnaires returned out of a possible 50.

Question - Would you recommend our weekends to your friends?
'All' responses to our questionnaire said 'Yes', - including:
'Yes, but would hesitate to advertise you at the expense of my not being accepted' - Marjorie Rieser, Hailsham, E Sussex.

Question - Please comment on the dance programme.
'As last year, great mix' - Jill Alderslade, Kingskerswell, Devon.
'A very good combination'. - Bob & Liz Ellis, Wellington, Somerset.
'A good variety. Impressed with sword dance, 24 interlocking swords. Well done Chris Turner'. - name witheld.

Question - Is the Weekend good value for money?
b) Artist & Dance Programme? - 'All' said 'Yes'.
a) Hotel? - 'All except one ' said 'Yes'.

Question - What can we do to improve our performance?
'Can't think how'. - Carol & Ted Hewson, Wallington, Surrey .
'Not too much - Fire eating perhaps!'. - Beryl Jukes, Cambourne, Cornwall .
'Quite honestly I cannot suggest anything you could or should do differently.'. - Bill Thorne, Stevenage, Herts .

Question - What attracted you to this weekend: Location?, Callers?, Musicians?, Hotel?, Time of Year?, Organisers?.
'Everything - including good friends, dancing & fun.' - Jenny Tuck, Tadley, Hants.
'Location, Callers, Hotel, Time of year & the Friendliness of the other dancers.' - David Seedhouse, Dudley, W Midands.
'Location, & Organisers.' - Lorraine Morgan, Hitchin, Herts.
'Reputation is very high.' - Ian & Sharon Mateer, Swanage, Dorset.

Other comments from Guests:
'Best weekend ever'. - John & Wendy Broom, Sidbury, Devon.
'Many thanks for such an enjoyable weekend, a new one for us. Hope we get in in 2010'. - Bob & Liz Ellis, Wellington, Somerset.
'We had a brilliant weekend, lots of smiling happy faces throughout'. - Beryl Hartley & Martyn Bidgood, Sussex.

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